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Land Reclamation
No 41 (2)

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GARBULEWSKI K., JABŁONOWSKI S., RABARIJOELY S. Advantage of Bayesian approach to geotechnical designing

GNATOWSKI T. Analysis of thermal diffusivity data determined for selected organic topsoil layer
VALENTUKEVICIENE M., AMOSENKIENE A., DAUKNYS R. Quality changes of drinking water in the water supply network (case study from Lithuania)
BILSKI P., RABARIJOELY S. Automated soil profi le generation system for the dilatometer test (DMT)

WI¦NIEWOLSKI W., PRUS P. Preliminary criteria for ecological status assessment index for dam reservoirs on the basis of the ichthyofauna assemblages

ŻMIREK M., GAWROŃSKI S. Survey of plant species present on Constructed Wetlands in Opalenica Municipality
WRÓBEL A., MOSIEJ J., WEIH M. Land availability analysis and social attitude aspects in relation to implementation and development of short' rotation forestry systems in Poland

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